Coffin acrylic designs are more popular these days. They are also called ballerina nails because of their shape. These beautiful coffin nails come with various designs.

Coffin acrylic with stripes

Creating coffin acrylic designs with stripes looks perfect and creates a feminine style.To create this look, paint your coffin-shaped acrylic nails with glossy nail polish and add a few horizontal stripes at the tip of your nails. Voila! You got new nail designs.

Coffin Acrylic matte nails

Matte nails always give you a unique and bold look. So why not try out this bold matte coffin look with your favorite nail polish? It will look gorgeous.

Sunset coffin Acrylic nails

Sunset represents completeness. With its red, orange, and yellow shades, it gives a fresh and bright look to your nails. Are you a fan of the sunset? Then, go and try this.

Mermaid Acrylic nails

Every girl loved Mermaid in her childhood days. There is no wonder even if she likes mermaids now. For every mermaid lover, this design will be perfect to show off your love for Mermaids. These beautiful designs come with glossy nail paint along with glittery scales.

Wavy acrylic nails

Wavy Coffin Acrylic designs are inspired by the Ocean’s Wave. Wave often symbolizes the forthcoming events or occasions and celebrations. By creating a Wavy coffin acrylic design, you can show your celebration mood.

Cow print Coffin nails

If you are an animal lover, then try the cute cow print style.

Cherry Acrylic Coffin nails

Cherry represents good fortune and happiness. Trying cherry acrylic coffin nails makes your nails cute.

Gold foil coffin acrylic designs

To create this beautiful look, paint your nail with your favorite nail paint and create gold foil designs on top of that. Gold foiling looks great with white and black nail paints.

Starry Eyed coffin nails

If you are waiting to create a perfect cosmic look for your nails, why not add starry-eyed looks to your nail. It looks fabulous and always on-trend. So try it anywhere and anytime and perfectly go out with most of your outfits.

Rainbow Coffin Acrylic nails

Rainbow nails are also called gradient nails because of their different shades. These bright colors create a vibrant look and make you feel cheerful.

Pride coffin acrylic nails

These nail designs are perfect to show your support for the LGBTQ community. So wear this fabulous pride coffin acrylic design whenever you want.

Earthy toned coffin nail

Earthy tone generally refers to any color that has some brown tint. It could be brown, green, gray, or red. This nail look will be more appealing and perfect for an everyday simple look.

Long daisy coffin acrylic nail

Daisy often symbolizes innocence and purity. So this is perfect to create cute looks. If you love daisy, then go for it. What If you love some other flowers? No problem!! Just try this idea with your favorite floral designs.

Marble coffin Acrylic nails

Is there anyone who doesn’t wanna try marble coffin Acrylics design? They look aesthetic and always in trend. White and gray marble designs look great. But you can try any colors you want.

Gemstone coffin acrylic

Most of the girls are attracted to the French nail tip because of its simple and elegant minimal look. Everyone loves butterflies. Why not combine these both to create a mesmerizing look on your nails? Go and make your nails beautiful with French tips and butterflies.

Jelly coffin acrylic nails

Jelly nails are best known for their translucent look. It makes us fall in love with its design every time we see it. You can paint your nails with any of your favorite colors. You can also add a rhinestone to create attractive designs.

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